Our work

In this complex but fascinating job, there are some design guidelines which our team follows by the rule

  • We consider it’s necessary to set our own scale of values, which will allow us to face each project in a unique way, this sequence we follow is: first Space, then Function and last but not least Form.
  • We believe that there has to be an essential relation with reality when beginning a project, there is no concrete project if it can’t dialogue with the design constraints defined by function, materials and technologies
  • Therefore it is extremely important to invest in research of new development technics. This gives you the possibility to always be one step ahead in this competitive field, in which sustainability, design, conviviality, safety and ease-of-use are balanced to perfection.
  • Fundamental is also the quality of the interaction between the designer and the entrepreneur and also between the designer/planner and the technical staff of the naval shipyard

Our history

Founded in 1987 by architect Carlo Galeazzi, the Galeazzi Design studio quickly became one of the most important studies in the sector, taking care of the design (concept, exterior design and interior architecture) of many boats.

In 2004, alongside the architect Francesca Minotti,“Galeazzi and Minotti Architetti Associati” established.

From semi-custom to custom boats, in all sizes from 6 meters to 60 meters long, the studio has worked in collaboration with some of the most prestigious firms around including: Azimut Benetti, Cantieri di Pisa, Cantieri di Baia, Rizzardi Posillipo, Chris Craft, Spertini Alalunga, Italcraft and others.

Many of the studio's projects have won awards and recognitions.